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We take pictures not only to capture moments, but to capture feelings. Feelings of adventure, nature and family. We’ve all experienced those moments, too beautiful to put into words.

We replay them in our minds and tell people about them around campfires and in the car on long drives. We want you to experience more of those moments and feelings and hear about those which have already been. That’s why our #BestPic competition is calling out your inner traveler, adventurer and photographer.

Safari Outdoor is on the hunt for your best pic.

So many unforgettable moments and adventures deserve to be captured and shared. That’s why we’re asking you to share your best picture and stand a chance of winning a Safari Outdoor voucher worth R500 as well as an entry for our Grand Prize voucher worth R10 000.

Which pictures can I enter with?
The #BestPic competition will provide 6 weekly themes, the themes include:

Family Outdoor Trips (9 April -18 April)
Landscapes (23 April – 2 May)
Sunrises and Sunsets (7 May – 16 May)
The Big 5 (21 May – 30 May)
Wildlife (4 June – 13 June)
First hunting trip (18 June – 27 June)

After every theme, we will announce the winner for that specific theme, who will receive a Safari Outdoor voucher worth R500! So, be sure to keep an eye out for our theme announcements on our Facebook page.

How do I enter?
Follow the link to our Facebook page and enter your #BestPic. Upload your image with a brief back story explaining your picture. After all the theme-winners have been announced, there will be an overall winner who will receive the Grand Prize of a Safari Outdoor voucher worth R10 000.

Happy Snapping,
Safari Outdoor.

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