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Using Cleaning Supplies to Clean Your Firearm

A clean rifle is crucial to your hunting and other shooting efforts. The two biggest threats to your firearm’s health are salt and water. Beyond this, however, dirt and other forms of inhibiting dirt can also weaken your weapon’s effectiveness.

As a result, you should consider investing in the right cleaning supplies. A clean rifle is an effective rifle, so you should clean your weapon regularly. Here’s how you do it.

Firstly, you need a cleaning rod or a bore snake. Either of these will do the trick. If you’re using a cleaning rod, you should also consider buying a cleaning rod guide, which will help you to enter your weapon straight-on. Have a look at this option from Hoppes:

Bore snakes are generally washable, won’t damage your bore, and are optimal for quick cleaning. The choice between the two comes down to how frequently you plan on cleaning your rifle – if you’re likely to clean it regularly, you could choose a bore snake over a cleaning rod to add to your cleaning kit.

Next, you need to add gun cleaning solvent to your cleaning supplies. Solvent removes most of the metallic and other inhibiting substances within the bore. The way you should use this is by coating a patch with it before inserting it into the bore. Patches can be bought from Safari Outdoor. Try the Bore Tech Round Patch 250-pack.

Once you’ve used patches coated in gun cleaning solvent, you’ll need a cleaning brush. A brass wire brush offers great abrasiveness which in turn will help you to get the more stubborn bits of dirt and gunk out of your firearm.

Now that you’ve cleaned the inside of your firearm, it’s time to look to the outside. Buy some good metal polish and your firearm will continue to look as new as the day you bought it (or darn well close).

If you own eye protectors, you should wear the when disassembling and cleaning your gun. This will prevent any springs, solvent or other elements damaging your eyes. After all, your eyes are pretty important to your shooting ability.

If you’re uncertain that you’ve got all of the cleaning supplies you need, consider buying a gun cleaning kit. An option to consider is the Winchester 17 Piece Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

As the name implies, this kit should be capable of being used to clean most guns.

Finally, once you’ve cleaned your firearm, there is one more cleaning supply that you should consider. The LOCKDOWN Silica desiccant will absorb moisture in your gun safe, preventing your gun from being damage by any water vapour in the air in your gun. Simply place it in the gun safe and let it attract the moisture in the air. It can also be recharged in the oven.

If you have any questions or need any more help in terms of cleaning your rifle, visit your nearest Safari Outdoor branch and we’d be happy to help!

Happy cleaning!

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