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Let’s take a look at what you can do once you’ve signed up to the Safari Outdoor App!

Meet with other like-minded hunters

Join an ever-growing community of fellow hunters and outdoor lovers. Follow interesting people and keep up-to-date with their experiences, thoughts, and successful hunts.

Find new places and people

Search through various hunting destinations and national parks. Choose where your next hunt or trip will be - from your phone.

Let your voice be heard

There is lots for you to post about - you can ask the community questions, write reviews, and even share photos publicly and privately.

Discover where other hunters are posting from

Posts are displayed on an interactive map, which will let you know where other hunters are communicating from. Perhaps you’ll find someone nearby to join your next hunting expedition.

Post your experiences at places and events

Whether you’ve had a good or a bad experience, others want to hear about it! Keep them informed by reviewing the places you go to, and the events you attend.

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