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The Browning X-Blade II is mainly made of polymer. Even the barrel, made of steel of course, is coated with this synthetic material. What is extremely practical, according to its strength and maintenance (no rust nor oxidation)! The stock, ambidextrous is ergonomic, curved, and has a largerubber butt plate, absorbing the shocks on shoulder. About aiming, the X-Blade has luminous optic fiber front and rear sights, and a dovetail rail (to add a scope or a red dot for example). It has an automatic safety, that engages while cocking, and that can easily be put off, pushing a button at the rear of the barrel. It avoids any accidental shot, uncontrolled. Developped for some years, the Gas Pisten technology is more and more current. It has indeed many advantages on the traditional spring : smooth cocking minimal vibration low recoil high energy performance premium accuracy

Manufacturer UMAREX
Type of weapon Rifle
Caliber .177 (4,5 mm)
Power source Insert gas piston
Cocking Break barrel
Barrel Steel / Smooth
Ammunition Pellets
Firing One shot
Loading Barrel
Stock Synthetic
Main hand Ambidextrous
Adjustable trigger No
Safety Automatic
Optic fiber Rear and front sight
Rear sight Adjustable
Front sight Fixed
Dovetail rail 11 mm
Color Black
Lenght 43.31"
Barrel length 17.13"
Weight 3.5 kg
Velocity 920 Fps
Energy 19.90 Joule
Energy Category between 10 and 20 joule