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12 GA 6.5 (30 GRAM) ELEY PIGEON AMMO (250)

Specifically designed to produce performance, demanded by the modern pigeon shooter, looking for the optimum carridge for use during roost shooting, decoying and flighting at a competitive price in the current market. This cartridge has proved itself strong in the field time and time again. Clean efficient kills over decoy patterns throgh roosts or over flight lines - technically this is the best value load we have produced to date. Significantly this cartridge has a full 30 gram load and a true 6 shot for perfect pigeon performance.
Can only be bought in store and not online

Load 30
Shot size 6.5
Wadding Plastic
Velocity V1 -384 mps
Powder CSB 3
Brass Length 12
Case Length 70 mm