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12 GA 7.5 (21 GRAM) ELEY FIRST LITE AMMO (250)

Launched in 2015 it has rapidly become our best selling cartridge amongst club shooters , corporate shooting and beginners. Made with a slightly higher brass than normal for an entry level cartridge and with very comfortable speed to recoil ratio this cartridge is the best practice and club competition load to cut your teeth on. The 21 gram load is ideal for taking lessons and introducing new people to the sport - smart and low recoil and easy to handle powder loads it is a great way to start to learn any discipline and get your technique right. The 24 gram load is a good intermediate step up and is a firm favourite on simulated clay shoots - the low recoil helps any game shot perfect their technique and shoot multiple drives if they wish. The 28 gram load has been used to great effect by new shooters getting into competitions posting scores they can be proud of. With the powders changing to match the load and the wadding and with the shorter 67mm case meaning it can be used in all guns the 28 gram load has even proven itself to work in a variety of semiautomatic shotguns making it ideal practice load
Can only be bought in store and not online

Load 21
Shot size 7.5
Wadding Plastic
Velocity V1 -384 mps
Powder CSB 8
Brass Length 12
Case Length 67 mm