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his small air rifle is available in .177 and .22 calibres and though it is thought of as a kids air gun, it is far from it. Many of my customers are tuning the HW30s and getting nothing less than phenomenal results in accuracy that goes to confirm the high quality of Weihrauch air rifles across their range. The Weihrauch HW30s is a pellet conscious air rifle and for best results it is recommended that you test the performance across a range of air rifle pellets, or get us to do that for you. Pellet testing and selection is a crucial factor in getting quality results in any air rifle, not just the Weihrauch HW30s. Put a Leapers Bug Buster Scope on this air rifle and you will have a potent combination for short range shooting as this scope can focus down to 2.7 metres.

Calibre .177
Cocking Break-Barrel
Magazine Capacity Single Shot Power-plant: Spring & Seal
Length Overall 38.78” / 98.5 cm Barrel Length: 15.56” / 39.5 cm
Weight 5.51 lbs / 2.5 kg Safety: Automatic
Sights Fibre Optics Trigger: “Rekord” Trigger
Stock Beechwood Style: Sporter
Butt Plate Rubber fixed