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Berger 224 50gr Match Target FB 100

Availability: JHB:2 PTA:1 STB:0 ER:1

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Match Grade Bullets
We only make match grade bullets, which means that we use the highest quality copper and lead available. The copper is made into the J4 Precision Jacket, which is recognized around the world as the bullet jacket with the best concentricity available. We don't just claim to make jackets that measure .0003 or less variation in wall thickness, we actually do it. This can be verified in every lot and is the reason why benchrest shooters who make bullets by hand use J4 Precision Jackets exclusively. More often you will find that J4 Precision Jackets measure .0002 or less. We make all of our J4 Precision Jackets and bullets on one set of dies to insure that all of the bullets in each box are as consistent as possible. Consistency is the key to ultimate accuracy and no one makes a bullet as consistent as we do. Some people comment that our bullets are too expensive. If you care about accuracy you sort the cheaper brands. If you have to buy four boxes of the cheaper bullets to get 100 bullets that measure the same then you could have purchased two or three boxes of Bergers resulting in 2 or 3 times as many good bullets for less money out of your pocket not to mention the added time it takes to sort all of those bullets.

High BC Flat Base Bullets
High BC FB bullets have an extra long nose. These bullets will have a higher BC than other flat base bullets. They are excellent short to medium range varmint or target bullets where wind is a factor. For the best accuracy the High BC FB should be loaded so that the bullet touches the rifling up to .010 into the rifling. Due to their extremely long noses the High BC FB bullets do not shoot well when they are loaded to feed through a magazine.

G1 Ballistic Coefficient: 0.210
Sectional Density: 0.110
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