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There are rifles and then there’s the Heym SR21. Built to last, built to out preform, and built without a plastic part in sight, you won't even find plastic on the detachable magazine. The Heym SR21 does not care about cost effectiveness it only cares about quality, strength, and a reputation to be the best and to last the test of time. The Heym SR21 is the classic deer stalking rifle. Beuatifully made, esceptionally accurate, comfortable to use and reliable, it is the thinking stalker's rifle. Avaialable in the allround model, but also in a number of higher grades, the rifle is hand-built, each part uniquely finished and fitting perfectly to its neighbour. The SR 21's three-lug, 60-degree bolt-throw make it a fast, strong and a accurate repeater for a wide variety of calibers.

Barrel length 55cm (medium), 61cm (magnum)
Weight 3.2kg
Magazine detachable 3 shot (medium), 2 shot (magnum)
Bolt opening angle 60°
Open sights High vis optic fibre beads
Action Steel action