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High reliability, long service life, maximum precision and convenience of use, are only a few of the characteristics of this bolt-action rifle from STEYR MANNLICHER. The Steyr Mannlicher Classic is a direct descendant of the world-famous MANNLICHER Schoenauer models, the MANNLICHER CLASSIC with its traditional style has long been considered the traditional gentlemans rifle. Highest security The bolt action MANNLICHER CLASSIC with elegant stem outfit and Bavarian cheek offers the shooter maximum ergonomics, safety and excellent can-do qualities. This guarantees the SBS system (Safe Bolt System) with a switchable firing pin safety. Elegance and maximum precision The famous STEYR maximum precision, durability and comfort can be found in the MANNLICHER CLASSIC again. It follows the tradition of the world-famous MANNLICHER SCHOENAUER with its elegant design, which makes the Classic the hunters favourite weapon. Aesthetics and tradition On request, the MANNLICHER CLASSIC is in all its variants also available in Antique available, have an appealing, colorful hardened finish in certain parts of weapons.

Specifications: Caliber: .30-06 Spr. Magazine: 4 Trigger: Set trigger or direct trigger Stock: Synthetic stock with polymer inlays Overall Length: 1.060 mm (41,7") Barrel Length: 508 mm (20") Weight: ca. 3,3 kg (7,3 lbs)