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The Mauser M 03 fulfills the dream of an individually tailored bolt action rifle. It is available in a great variety of different models and countless variations. Due to the modular system this rifle meets all demands. The solid steel action and high-quality trigger combined with the straight stock and cold hammer forged barrel result in exceptional precision and performance.

Adjustable Comb Adjustable in vertical and horizontal direction. Available for all wooden and synthetic stocks. (Displayed stock is walnut grade 9.)
Bolt + Trigger Black Impressive consistency: the complete action including chamber, trigger and bolt handle are colored in black
Fluted Barrel It is lighter than the regular barrel and enhances heat diversion.
M 03 3-Dot Sight Outstanding contrast thanks to orange points for quick, intuitive target acquisition even in adverse lighting conditions
Kickstop The stainless steel cylinder filled with tungsten beads is inserted into the stock and reduces recoil by about 20%
Combi Trigger With adjustable set trigger, approx. 1,000 g  (2⅛ lbs) direct; set trigger pull weight approx. 100-300 g (3½-10½ ozs). Titanium nitrided trigger also available.
Adapter for Bi-Pod To be attached at the fore-end. Available for wooden and syn­thetic stocks.
Rotating Sling Swivel (360°) At the barrel end. Incl. detachable sling swivel. For maximum ease of movement when tracking.