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Prior to 2014, Glock had not released a new pistol design since the beginning of the century. There were a few old Glock designs rechambered for new calibers, and we got the updated Gen 4 Glocks, but the last pistol the Austrian company produced that could truly be considered a new design was the single stack .45 ACP Glock 36, which became available in 2000. There have been a lot of rumors and wishful thinking about what Glock™s next new design would be, but it was a long 14 years before the company said anything official. Toward the end of last year, Glock ads hinted at a new concealed carry offering that many people assumed was the long awaited Glock single stack 9mm. It wasn™t.

Caliber 9mm Short (.380 ACP)
Barrel Length 3.25
Overall Length 5.5
Height 4.13
Width 94
Weight (unloaded) 390 g
Action Striker-fired single-action
External Safety Two-piece trigger safety
Ammo Capacity 6+1
Measured trigger pull weight 3.85 kg