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Caldwell Rock Deluxe Front Shooting Rest

Availability: JHB:3 PTA:4+ STB:3 ER:3

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The best way to determine the accuracy of your rifle and ammunition is to shoot from a solid bench with a quality shooting rest. With precise repeatability of shots as your goal, The Rock Deluxe Front Rest is the right tool for the job. New cast-aluminum base adds two pounds of stabilizing mass. Wide-based and rigid, The Rock helps eliminate the human factor in shooting. The Rock features a 1' diameter steel center post with large elevation wheel, for quick height adjustments from 4-1/2' to 7-1/4'. Three leveling feet make set-up quick, and an adjustable forend stop helps ensure shot-to-shot repeatability, plus a bubble level mounted on the cradle. The wide cradle accepts a variety of bags (not included) to accommodate most stock configurations
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