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Redding has taken straight wall cartridge reloading to the next level with their Dual Ring Carbide Sizing Dies. Traditional carbide sizing dies only contain one titanium carbide ring that has to size both the top of the case and the whole body of the case. These two areas of the case should be sized to slightly different diameters making carbide sizing dies of the past a compromise. Redding solved this problem with their unique (patent pending) dual carbide sizing ring design. The upper ring is in a position where the only part of the case that will be resized is the portion of the case that holds the bullet while the second ring is in a position where the body of the case will be properly sized without overworking the case. Not only will sized cases look and function better, case life will be increased. Carbide sizing dies offer a smoother finish than other dies thanks to the inherent grain structure of the titanium carbide. The result is fluid function with no binding; a quality that is simply unattainable with other materials. These dies also include a decapping assembly. Like all Redding dies, these dies are carefully machined out of high quality alloy and then hand polished for reliability and consistent performance. Carbide dies do not require case sizing lube when sizing brass.

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