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450-400 NE 3 1/4" 400GR KYNOCH SOFT POINT AMMO (5)

The .450/400 3" was introduced by Jeffery in about 1896 and is a shortened version of the .450/400 Magnum, it was designed as a smokeless round using Cordite and has never been loaded as a black powder cartridge. Before the advent of the .375 H&H Magnum it was considered to be one of the most versatile all round cartridges of its time.
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Grains 400g
Barrel length 30"
Pressure at 15°C in tons per sq. in. 16
Muzzle velocity 2125
Muzzle energy 4010
50 Yards velocity 2033
50 Yards energy 3668
100 Yard velocity 1946
100 Yards energy 3361