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LAPUA 467036


Lapua 338 250gr Scenar HPBT 100

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Holder of the still unbeaten, still unmatched World Record perfect score of 600 points out of 600 points in UIT competition, the Lapua 'Scenar' bullet is an extreme accuracy bullet at an affordable EABCO price. These bullets commonly shoot 5-shot groups as small as 1/2' at 300 meters... Excellent for Target and Varmint! Consistency and Efficiency: The two main things that contribute to the accuracy of a bullet. Lapua Scenars are subject to quality control standards that insure uniformity of wall thickness and core integrity as well as bullet to bullet weight. This means they launch at more consistent velocities and are well balanced for the high velocity spin they'll take on from the rifling. The boat tail, long bearing surface, gentle ogive, and hollow point produce extremely good flying efficiency... Lapua Scenar bullets have high ballistic coefficients so they'll fly further and flatter than less efficient bullet designs.

Ballistic Coefficient: 0.675
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