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LEE 90391


338 Winchester Magnum Quick Trim Die Lee

Availability: JHB:4+ PTA:3 STB:1 ER:1

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Product Information

Lee Precision has been producing some of the highest quality reloading equipment for over 50 years. The Lee Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer is the next step in the evolution of quick and accurate case trimming. Each die is made to hold brass cases securely while the cutter (sold separately) is turned ensuring that case mouths are cut square. Each die is threaded 7/8'-14 to work in all reloader presses that accept standard reloading dies. Quick Trim Die Bodies are made for the most popular calibers on the market.

Note: Requires the purchase of either the  Lee Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer 717013 or the Lee Value Trim Case Trimmer 982472 

Technical Information:

Dies Included: Quick Trim Die 
Die Size: Standard 7/8'-14 threaded die 
Shellholder Required: Yes
Shellholder Included: No 
Accessories Included: Plastic Die Box 
Notes: Handgun calibers do not come with a die locking ring as it is only needed for the rifle dies.
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