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The VIPER is designed to be the most affordable, high quality night vision system on the market for short-range distances. The VIPER is an affordable, high quality night vision for sub-100m distances, ideal for Air Rifles. With an identification range of up to 100 meters the Viper is perfect for most night time pest control situations. In 60 seconds add it on to your existing day scope (without altering the zero point) and use the head up screen to pick out your prey.

Availability: JHB:2 PTA:2 STB:1 ER:1

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  • Integral IR LED
  • Scope mounted battery 1.5Ah Litium Battery
  • Zero ambient light required
  • Video output
  • 60 Second set up -no need to re-zero
  • Identification Range: 100 meters (110 Yards)
  • Operational run time: Up to 7.5 hours‚ 
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