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Scatalog - Murray

Scatalog by Kevin Murray is a really nifty book to help you identify animal scat. Firstly, the basic information will help you identify the animal group and then there is detailed information on about 100 species from mammals to birds, reptiles, insects and frogs. Many of the photographs are actual size.¨¨

But you have to ask the question: who really wants to know? Or, more importantly, who would do the research? Well, my thinking is that if you were ever selected to become a Survivor contestant it would be awesome to know if you were being stalked by a leopard or just a leopard tortoise.¨¨

On the serious side, this little book made me think of all the details in nature we  miss because we are in such a hurry to get to point B. I'm pretty sure that experienced rangers use these clues to form a 4D image of their environment. Alerting them to danger, pointing them in the direction of game or telling an unseen story of what lies beneath or flies overhead. It's something we city slickers envy.¨¨

So watch out ranger Dave... Next time I do the Tsitsikamma hiking trail I'll make a point of doing some wildlife spotting using the droppings I come across as my guide.¨¨

This is a book that will not go back to the office bookshelf. I can only wonder what Kevin Murray has up his sleeve. Maybe a scratch-and-sniff version?

Scatalog by Kevin Murray¨