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Rowland Ward



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Isabel de Quintanilla married famed PH Tony Sanchez-Arino in 1963, and rather than wait for him at home she decided to go along to see what Africa was like during the immediate post-WWII period

Once she became comfortable in that milieu, she was not content just to watch what her husband did on a daily basis—she also decided to give hunting a chance. This is her account of the countries she visited and hunted in over the last forty years: Guinea, Cameroon, Zambia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, and the CAR. In spite of a dangerous bout of malaria and dengue fever, she remained at her husband’s side, tramping through Africa, and together they formed a hugely successful safari business. There are fascinating descriptions of wild Africa and the natives, safari clients, and animals she encountered along the way. In addition, Isabel became an elephant hunter herself and an accomplished one at that. Her chapter on the Pygmies of the Congo basin is especially worthwhile.