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As I Look Back Musing Of Birdhunters

As I Look Back Musing Of Birdhunters

Those who have read Lock, Stock, & Barrel already know that the late Robert Braden was a fanatic bird hunter and connoisseur of English side-by-side guns. In his last book, Braden shares his recollections of bird hunting around the world. Join Braden and his guests at their yearly hunt in Mexico; follow along with Braden and his partner Cyril Adams as they shoot birds from the back of elephants in India; go with Braden to the middle of a remote island hunting for exotic and unusual birds; and come back home with Braden as he stakes out the banks of a riverbottom near Houston for duck.

These are only a few of the fascinating vignettes that reveal the funny, interesting, and sometimes sad tales of Braden's marvelous bird-hunting career. This is a refreshing and interesting book from a writer with vast experience.