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Air Rifle Bsa Lightning Extra-Large .177 24J 1000Fps (Wood)

The BSA Lightning XL's stock comes fully chequered at the grip and fore end, with a ventilated butt pad to ensure secure contact at the shoulder. The carbine barrel is totally sleeved by a slimline silencer and the enhanced, two-stage, adjustable trigger mechanism provides perfect control of every shot. Now add all of the features that took the Lightning to the top of the best-sellers list, and you'll see why the Lightning XL is already so popular. This is the rifle for the sporting shooter that demands top performance and style. 

The barrel has been shortened to true carbine length and then fitted with aVolumetric silencer. This reduces the Lightning's muzzle blast while providing a comfortable cocking grip. The Lightning Air Rifle is also powered by a gas ram, filled with pressurized nitrogen for consistent power. This is a great rifle for hunters and pest controllers!