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Broughton Rifle Barrels / North Manufacturing Co., Inc. ‚  is dedicated to crafting one of the Premier Stainless Steel Rifle Barrels in the U.S.A utilizing the 5C ‚® process. For any serious shooter, be it a Hunter or Target Shooter, having a rifle built with quality components is a must. If you want to build a rifle with a premier target quality barrel that will give the shooter the edge they need to shoot that trophy mount or shoot a small group, then you want a Broughton 5C‚® Rifle Barrel.

Broughton 5C‚® Rifle Barrels ‚  are crafted from the finest material made today, 416R Stainless Steel. They are pulled button-rifled, Double stressed relieved at the mill & triple stress relieved in our shop at Broughton 5C‚® Rifle Barrels. Then each barrel is hand lapped with a uniform land and groove diameter up to 0.0001' from breech to muzzle. Our muzzle is ‚  NEVER ‚ larger than our breech.

We offer a variety of land and groove combinations for most twist in calibers 22RF to .375 with 5C ‚® rifling, but conventional rifling is available. We are continually adding new selections to meet the demands of new bullets and cartridges.

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