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To Craig Boddington the lion is the symbol of wild Africa, one of the most exciting of all hunts, and one of Africa’s great adventures. Over the past few years partners Tim Danklef, Dave Fulson, and Craign Boddington have produced DVDs on buffalo, leopard, and elephant…but for a long time they never thought they would do a film on lion. Gathering footage for several years now, and thanks to a lot of effort and a lot of help from friends in the safari industry, they reached a point where they were comfortable to produce a lion film that would equal the quality of previous productions.

Boddington On Lion is the most in- depth examination of the hunt for this most prized of all African trophies. Travel with the Safari Classics cameras and me as we journey to Africa’s premier lion hunting destinations in search of the adventure and drama that is a part of every lion safari. Formatted in a pleasing and easy to view style, Boddington On Lion is broken down into chapters, each focusing on specific areas of interest to the lion hunter.