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This is a massive DVD—two disks—and we advise against watching it all in one sitting, for it clearly was not made with that in mind. The work is divided in the following sections: "Why Hunt Buffalo," "Safari Preparation," "Art of Tracking," "Trophy Buffalo," "Shot Placement," and "Follow up." We did not count the total number of buffalo hunted in the DVD, but it must be two dozen or more. The majority of the hunts are by average hunters, but some industry personalities such as Wayne Holt from Hornady also make an appearance. All of the hunting takes place in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and the scenes are chosen to make a point particular to a section.

art of the DVD is devoted to making hunters understand what a trophy buffalo is so as to prevent young bulls from being shot. Good clear footage of young and old bulls is shown. In "Safari Preparations," a comparison of scoped rifles vs. iron sights is given, demonstrating why a scoped rifle will lead to more opportunities. Shooting sticks and double rifles are brought into focus as well. In the "Art of Tracking," three great Zimbabwe trackers (Innocent Makasa, Lumuc Nyadombo, and Robert Mubimba) are asked what makes a good tracker, what they look for, and how they judge whether they can catch up with the game. This section has subtitles because the interviews are in Shona. These unsung heroes of the African continent go time and time again after wounded buffalo . . . as well as to spoor a regular track. Whatever it may be, they have no gun, work for wages that none of us would consider for such a job, and, most importantly, display great courage and dedication at what they do.