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Book Africas Most Dangerous - Robertson

Kevin Doctari Robertson is one of Africa's best known authors and the person who launched the idea of a showing a 'ghost view' of the vital organs on African big game. His books have sold tens of thousands of copies. Some of his fans will recall that his very first love (besides his wife!) is the African buffalo for which he has respect, admiration and which he likes to hunt more than any other animal. And here, in this brand new book with all original materials he has given us the most comprehensive guide to shot placement for the African buffalo that goes well beyond even his own Perfect Shot book. He talks about his favorite calibers, what constitutes a good trophy and when a buffalo should not be shot. He talks of hunting the cow buffalo, equally as dangerous as a bull, and he gives us his views and insights as to the suitability of the various rifle types as well as bullets.

Many books on African hunting profess to deal with it all but Robertson deals with only one subject: buffalo. In fact he deals with only one subspecies of the African buffalo: the Cape or southern buffalo, the largest of the subspecies and the one with the meanest and most ferocious reputation.

This book, his first since he wrote his best seller over 10 years ago, has it all: the African tracker, bow hunting, caliber choices, picking the right bullet (a very interesting subject and well covered), selecting rifle sights, trophy evaluation, anatomical features, differences between bulls and cows in the field, distribution and natural history, hunting accessories and more.