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An African Game Ranger On Safari - Cowie

'Don Cowie is a knowledgeable naturalist who knew the names of all the trees and birds before he left school. He began his working life as an officer with the Southern Rhodesian Department of Customs and Excise, stationed at the Beitbridge border post. Already an experienced hunter, he soon became sought-after by the surrounding cattle ranchers who needed his assistance with problem animal control. There Don gained considerable experience in the hunting down of problem dangerous big game. These were cattle-killing big cats, elephant that damaged water installations, and thirsty buffalo that created right of ownership problems at the drinking troughs. Although the cropping and marketing of the game products like meat and skins for profit was perfectly legal in Southern Rhodesia, sport hunting for profit was not and that include safari hunting. When the Henderson brothers started their own safari company in Botswana, they hired Don as their professional hunter during the six-month safari seasons. During the off-season Don returned to the ranch to continue his game cropping and marketing. This changed in 1967 when sport hunting on a game-ranching permit finally became legal in Zimbabwe after a long fight with the government. At that point the Hendersons moved their safari operation to Southern Rhodesia'...subsequently teaming up with Brian Marsh to form Henderson & Marsh Safaris.