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Both stylish and playful, Cakes to Celebrate Love and Life offers a wide variety of bakes from across the world, including traditional cakes, modern creations and everything in between. Each contribution features the creative twist so characteristic of the boutique bakery, Cakebread, and its motto “We don’t make mistakes, we simply keep inventing new recipes.”

This unique collection of 89 recipes marries exotic with local, old with new, stylish with school fête, and each is lavishly photographed in color. Whatever milestone you may be celebrating—a christening, a child’s birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or any other special event, you will find inspiration in these easy-to-make cakes. In fact, it’s enough to make any cake lover, from novice to experienced baker, grab an apron and mixing bowl with renewed enthusiasm. Contents include: Cupcake revolution; Classics cakes; Bake and serve; Back to natural; Global superstars; High days and holy days; Old-fashioned; New wave; Let’s get this party started