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Much is made of DVDs being shot by "high definition" digital cameras. However, even within the high-definition category there are many levels of quality. This movie is truly high -definition; we do not know what type of camera this outfit used, but it sure looks sharp and crisp to our eyes.

In this DVD, we follow John Jennings on an exciting 28 day safari in Zambia hunting the Mumbwa West concession for lion, leopard, buffalo and various other species then on to Kafue Flats for Kafue lechwe and lastly to the Bangweulu Swamps for sitatunga, black lechwe and tssessebe; the entire hunt is outfitted by Swanepoel and Scandrol. The film has excellent footage, and the music, graphics, and voiceover are all well done - no earsplitting hard metal rock. Most Safari Press customers know we have formed a healthy skepticism about the one-person hunting DVDs that are so prevalent. It is simply boring, in most cases, for viewer to figuratively hang off the back of the Land Cruiser and watch one hunter filling his license. While this is mostly a one man hunt - we follow John Jennings shoot a full bag - his father's leopard hunt is filmed as well providing some amazing footage and giving us a bit more than a straight linear safari. You can watch more of his father's Zambia safari on Worldwide Safaris' "Sharing the Legacy" DVD which we also carry for sale. Danger and Triumph Under the Zambian Sun is a worthwhile movie on an African country that is not often featured in quality DVDs. Besides two leopards, one lion, one buffalo, a hippo and croc, there are a host of other antelope species taken including sable, waterbuck, puku, reedbuck, sitatunga, black lechwe, Kafue lechwe, and more. All in all, this is an excellent video which shows stalks and shots on twenty different animals.