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Big Bore Produc



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This interesting DVD features hunting entirely with traditional side-by-side double rifles, without scopes, in the following calibers .470, .450-400, and .577. The rifles are made by such well-known companies as Westley Richards and Watson Brothers, Dan'l Fraser, Francotte etc. The hunter who shoots these doubles is Mark Buchanan and his PHs are Zimbabwean Barry Style and South African Johhny Vivier.

The animals on this hunt include white rhino; numerous buffalo, including one that charges; two eland; zebra; kudu; and other plains game. You'll also watch as three leopards show up on one bait and one is eventually bagged. The elephant hunt turns deadly when an aggressive cow elephant's threats turn into a charge, and, finally, you'll see a good tusker taken on camera. The footage for this film was shot in South Africa and the Matetsi area of Zimbabwe. All hunts are rifle hunts. Footage, pace of action and excitement level are all good and the viewer will not be bored.