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This guide will be of great value to entomologists, both amateur and professional, as well as to students, nature conservation officers, game rangers, gardeners, farmers, tourists and anyone with an interest in natural history. An introductory chapter discusses the insect body, life history, classification and distribution patterns and relatives of southern African insects. It also touches on collecting, displaying and curating insects and explains 'How to use this book'

Given the extraordinary number and diversity of insect species and their vast importance to human life, it comes as a surprise that there is no reasonably comprehensive field guide on insects in South Africa. This is particularly so in view of the large number of field guides on the mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, fish, spiders and plants of southern Africa. Local insect guides that are available are either complex technical volumes or else identify insects only to major groupings or are very restricted in their coverage. The need for a more detailed and accessible field guide to the rich insect life of South Africa has long been recognized. The main reason why it has not been written appears to be the extreme difficulty of adequately covering such a large and diverse area.