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The Forster Chamfer and Deburring Tool Base allows a reloader to mount their Forster Deburring tool to their reloading bench, reducing fatigue that can be caused by holding the deburring tool by hand while chamfering and deburring 100's of cases. This base holds the chamfer and deburring tool so the cutter is facing one direction to increase efficiency purchase a second base and deburring tool and keep one setup for chamfering and the other for deburring.

Fits Forster Chamfer and Deburring Tool
Function Acts as a base and holder for the tool allowing the reloader to turn a handle to chamfer and deburr brass
Material Aluminum Base, Steel holder
Notes Mounts to the reloading bench, recommended when deburring large quantities of cases, can be used in conjunction with the power drill adapter (sold separately 644-779)