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Gun Digest is known as “The World’s Greatest Gun Book” for a good reason. For more than seven decades, it has proven to be the most comprehensive firearms annual available. Gun Digest 2017, 71st Edition continues this tradition, delivering an eclectic, entertaining and authoritative selection of articles, field reports and industry references. No matter a shooter’s passion — classic side-by-side shotguns, cutting-edge tactical rifles, or current concealed carry pistols — the annual is certain to raise their firearms IQ.

Editor Jerry Lee anchors Gun Digest 2017 on a roster of informative and entertaining feature articles from some of the top names in gun writing. This is unique in gun annuals, which in many cases are little more than a litany of spec sheets, offering a superficial understanding of firearms. Gun Digest’s features, on the other hand, delve into the minutia of firearm design, history and application, giving readers a grasp of the whos, hows and whys behind the rifles, shotguns and handguns they dearly love. Gun Digest 2017 also has an extremely practical side to it, offering gun collectors and gun consumers the vital information they require to deftly navigate the firearms marketplace. In addition to its fully illustrated firearms catalog, the annual puts the newest makes and models under the microscope in its “Testfire” department. Some of the firearms to get the once over this year include the Ruger American Pistol, Smith & Wesson MP-10 .308 Rifle, Ruger Redhawk .45 Colt/.45 ACP Revolver, Sharps .25-45 AR, and Charter Arms Pitbull .45 ACP. For those hunting out vintage gun designs, the always-popular “One Good Gun” informs collectors which firearms are truly worth the time and effort. In this edition, the annual’s writers let shooters in on why the Colt 1860 Army, the Shanghai Colt, and Remington Model 11 are gems worth adding to any gun safe. Gun Digest 2017, 71st Edition is your key to unlocking the gun world. Brimming with striking prose, eye-catching pictures and unparalleled references, the annual is certain to make you a more enlightened gun enthusiast.