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You could spend days perusing the web, or put countless miles on your vehicle visiting gun shops, and you still wouldn't begin to cover the vast array of firearms on the market today. But now, thanks to the Gun Digest Illustrated Guide to Modern Firearms, today's hottest guns are just a page away.

This photo-intensive book is "eye-candy" for the gun-lover's soul. The professionals at Gun Digest gathered the hottest, neatest, and sometimes most unusual guns to shoot their way across the planet. Inside you'll find: Hundreds of full-color, high-detail photos Vital information and stats - and even some trivia! - on each and every firearm Every type of modern firearm covered, from rimfires to fine shotguns, muzzleloaders to custom handguns, and the most unusual specialty tactical weapons you've ever seen! With valuable insights on the state of each genre brought to you by the Gun Digest writing and editorial staff, you'll have all the information you need to make your next gun buying or collecting decision. Remember, we know guns, so you know guns!