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Helle Jegermester

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Helle Jegermester

Helle Jegemester

Helle knives are World renowned for their high quality steel, great handle materials and the field versatility.

The difference between a Helle knife and other knives are many. The biggest is that they use 3-layer laminated steel in their blades. A maximum of sharp, lasting knife edge is created by hard, high-alloy carbon steel.

To keep the superior properties and also make a stainless steel and durable knife, They add a protective layer softer, stainless steel on each side to make a truly versatile and easy to maintain knife.

The result is a razor sharp blade that is almost impossible to break while maintain its edge a long time. Using this method they combine the best qualities of both steels. There is no compromise in quality as they then handle them with some of the finest materials from Scandinavia.

The Handle is Curly Birch, this one is a real top quality knife.

Each individual design is packaged complete with a leather sheath.


   140g weight

   12C27 Stainless Steel

   2.8mm blade thickness

   135mm Blade length

   Curly Birch Handle

   110mm handle

   Leather sheath