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As much as Africa beckons to the big-game hunter, it also makes some apprehensive. What is it like to hunt there? What of dangerous animals and strange languages? While it’s true that today’s Africa has a highly evolved and professional big-game hunting industry, it can also be safely said that no other hunting on earth is like it and the continent remains shrouded in myths and unknowns for many hunters.

Since almost all African hunting DVDs are made simply to entertain, virtually none have tried to be a detailed source of information on what you need to know for a big-game safari in Africa. It’s understandable that DVD producers have avoided this subject because it is hard to compress so much information into one film, and an enormous amount of diverse footage is needed to do it well. African Experience is the first DVD to tackle this important subject in depth. This DVD is based on Craig Boddington’s 2002 book by the same title and narrated by him. “As a follow-up to my book, I feel this film will be a real benefit to any (first-time) African hunter planning a safari,” Boddington said. “In addition, the real-life hunting captured on film should provide entertainment for experienced safari enthusiasts and hopefully bring back great memories of their own African experiences.” Because of the connection with the book, we would not be honest if we did not tell our clients that we have a stake in this product, unlike the other DVDs we sell at Safari Press. The viewer should also be aware it contains three commercials for hunting-related products. With those caveats out of the way, here is what this film is all about. It begins with a short history of the safaris of yesteryear, including those of Roosevelt, Hemingway, and Ruark. It then goes into an overview of the eight main countries where 98 percent of all safari hunting takes place today: Botswana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.