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Rowland Ward



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This is Jorge's first book, a true story of his exploits and hunting in Africa at a time when you had to venture into uncharted areas to discover your own great hunting territory and when your only companion was a sense of adventure. Very few men could bring out so clearly the romance and the reality of big game hunting in the manner of the classic works written years ago.

His stories capture the excitement and the challenge, the joys and the dream-filled days when out after game. In addition to an almost quarter century safari in Africa, Jorge traveled to India to hunt, both alone and with clients. Remarkably, at almost 80 years old, he still keeps three lions and four tigers on his ranch in Brazil to help him remember his traveling and hunting days on two continents. Because he was educated in America, Jorge's language is easy and his vivid recollections are told with the effortless expression and detail of someone who has been on the big game hunting fields for over one quarter of a century. The details of his hunts and adventures truly enrich this book and absolutely justify the title.