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The original manuscript of Jungle Man, which was in possession of Major PJ Pretorius at the time, was borrowed by the SA Defence Force film unit in 1945 with the view of producing a film. The manuscript however, was lost and could not be traced. It contained detail regarding his experiences during World War 1 and World War 2 of which the family had little or almost no information

After many years of fruitless efforts searching for information regarding their father, Major PJ Pretorius™s experiences during the two wars, Mrs Zwanenburg, his eldest daughter, placed a request for information in the Garden and Home magazine in March 1979.Responses to this request included, among others, a reference to the existence of the original manuscript in South Africa. This lead was followed up with the collaboration of a retired commandant of the SA Defence Force. After deliberations and correspondence between the parties, the manuscript of the Jungle Man was finally released to the Pretorius family in 1980 .