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Whoever it was who coined the cliche, Theyre not for everyone had to have Jacks in mind. Living with a Jack Russell terrier is an experience, but it is not difficult if you know the rules: Rule One Jacks love adventure; Rule Two Jacks love to have fun; Rule Three in case of any misunderstandings, refer to Rules One and Two. Feisty, high-energy, adorable when referring to dogs, these words all bring to mind the fun-loving Jack Russell terrier. In this tribute to the Jack Russell terrier, over 200 lavish color photographs are accompanied by spirited obversations about this intelligent, spunky, and irresistible little dog. Featuring the remarkable work of award-winning photographer Dusan Smetana, this collection is stunning in its depiction of Jack Russells at home, in the field, and at play.

Title Just Jack Russells
Just Pets
Author Steve Smith, Dusan Smetana
Photographs Dusan Smetana
Contributor Steve Smith, Dusan Smetana
Edition illustrated
Publisher Willow Creek Press, 2001
ISBN 1572232129, 9781572232129
Length 135 pages