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In the tradition of Just Labs and Just Goldens, Just Retrievers is a captivating new book celebrating all retrievers, regardless of breed. Just Retrievers is a heart-felt salute to those endearing yet sometimes perplexing "fetch dogs" that toil hard, play with cheerful abandon, love their masters without reservation, and never fail to fascinate us with their antics and heroics.Just Retrievers encapsulates the character - the virtues as well as the flaws - of these amazing canines, while providing an insightful story of who they really are and why they behave the way they do. The book's 200 superb color photographs depict adorable puppies, retrievers at home and afield, and capture a plethora of fetch dogs in performances and predicaments that retriever owners know only so well

Hardcover 160 pages
Publisher Ducks Unlimited, Inc.; 1 edition (August 1, 2002)
Language English
ISBN-10 1572231262
ISBN-13 978-1572231269
Product Dimensions 8.3 x 10.4 x 0.6 inches
Shipping Weight 1.7 pounds