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The lighting performance of LED LENSER P7QC is extraordinary and opened countless applications. Multi-colored light is now indispensable for. Example, as a signal generator for road and rail transport and the military. For hunters, pilots and rescue workers but also just to preserve night vision capability colored light is a big help. The P7QC allows the light color by simply turning the mode knob in white, red, green or blue to choose and. During operation as well as in the off state The brightness levels and flashing functions are individually adjustable thanks to the Smart Light Technology (SLT) in each color. The innovative prismatic diffuser allows optimum light distribution in all adjustable wavelength ranges. 
The red filter is replaced by the night vision capability without the dark adaptation of the eye to affect. The green filter facilitates wildlife feeding and wildlife watching. The blue filter is suitable for use in the search for clues as he stands better fluids such as blood and sweat from the surface.

Technical data

  • Illumination range   260 m
  • Colour                   Black
  • LEDs                          1
  • Weight                  175 g
  • Length                  130 mm
  • Light duration (max.)   50 hrs
  • (˜)                          30/37 mm
  • Category                  Torch
  • Bulb type                  LED
  • Weight, information  incl. batteries
  • Luminous flux          320 lm
  • Power supply (LOV)  battery-powered
  • Waterproof                 No
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