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They are fierce, frightening and fascinating: they are predators. Get to know some of the world s most interesting creatures, including the honey badger, the crocodile, jackals, cheetahs, lions and the elusive black panther in Life of a Predator, an 8-DVD set featuring footage shot in high definition.

Head to a real predator battleground and watch as wild dogs, hyenas, big cats and jackals all fight for a single meal. Meet a family that decides to adopt a baby honey badger, a small animal with a big reputation for trouble. Go in search of the rare black leopard said to be stalking a small farming town in South Africa. And watch an epic film about the cycles of life by famous wildlife filmmaker Hugo van Lawick. Plus, see a cheetah on the prowl on the Serengeti, and witness a fight for survival between crocs and hippos on the Katuma River.