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Product Information

Loadbooks USA loading guides a perfect for the reloader who wants a guide packed full of information for only specific calibers they want. Each of these caliber specific reloading guides are packed with unabridged information from major US bullet and gun powder makers including Accurate, Alliant, Hodgdon, Hornady, IMR, Lyman, Nosler, RCBS, Sierra, Speer and Winchester. All Loadbook manuals are printed on heavyweight paper and comb bound so they will lay flat on any surface. Photocopy quality. Soft cover. 

Technical Information

Author/Publisher: Loadbooks USA
Summary of Material: 
  • 1258 Proven & Tested Loads
  • 34 Bullets Designs
  • 39 Different Powders
  • Information from the Following Manuals:
      Hornady 4th Edition 
      Nosler 3rd Edition
      Sierra 3rd Edition Rifle
      Speer #11
      Lyman 3rd Edition Cast Bullet Handbook
      RCBS Cast Bullet Manual #1 
      Hodgdon #25
      Accurate Arms
      IMR Powders
      Scot Powders
  • Soft Cover
  • Comb bound