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Mpunzi is an illuminating history of the Game Ranching Industry in Southern Africa from 1892 when Cecil John Rhodes of De Beers Consolidated Diamond Mines Ltd purchased 14 farms along the Vaal River at the auction of Sheasby Estate to the end of 2011.

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The book charts the development of the Game Ranching Industry from 1970 / 1971 when 6 intrepid idealistic persons, including the Author, in the then Natal Province commenced active game ranching. They took full advantage of the Natal Parks Board’s far seeing Director and officials’ magnificent help in selling live species of Wildlife at subsidised prices after the then National Governments policy to exterminate all the wildlife in Zululand except the white Rhinoceros in the existing proclaimed Game Reserves. This was ostensibly done to implement beef farming in Zululand after the ravages of the tsetse fly or nagana. Under the scientific guidelines proposed by the Natal Parks Board’s newly appointed Principal Research officer, Dr Rudolph Carl Bigalke (Rudi), pertaining to game fencing of suitable habitat in the province saw the beginning of this new industry. The author of this book with the help of various authors and experts in their respective fields has charted the development of this vibrant new industry to the present day.