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MTM Deluxe 22-250 Remington to 308 Winchester 50 Round

These durable plastic boxes were designed to store ammunition with the bullets in the down position. Ammunition is held by four special fingers that will not allow tip damage. Fliptop boxes feature fold down carrying handle and a specially designed so that belted magnum rounds can be carried with rim up or down.

Technical Information

Notes: Fits the following calibers in the bullet up or down position:
22 Bench Rest
22 CHeetah
22 PPC
220 Swift
22-250 Remington
224 Weatherby Mag
225 Winchester
243 Winchester
244 Remington
25 Remington
250 Savage
28-30 Stevens
30 Remington
300 Savage
307 Winchester
308 Winchester
32 Remington
35 Remington
350 Remington Mag
360 Nitro Express 2-1/4'
375 Rimless 2-1/4'
401 Winchester Self-loading
5.6x52mm Rimmed
6.5 Creedmoor
6.5x50mm Japanese Arisaka
6.5x54mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer
6.5x55mm Swedish
6.8 Remington SPC
6mm Bench Rest
6mm Norma Bench Rest
6mm PPC
6mm Remington
6mm-284 Winchester
7.62x39mm Russian
7mm Bench Rest
7.35 Carcano
7.5x54mm French MAS
7.62x39mm Russian
7.65x53mm Mauser
7mm Bench Rest
7mm TCU
7mm-08 Remington

Fits the following calibers in the bullet down position:
219 Donaldson Wasp
240 Weatherby Mag
25-06 Remington
260 Remington
270 Winchester
280 Remington
284 Winchester
30 T/C
30-06 Springfield
303 British
303 Savage
30-40 Krag
338 Federal
338-06 A-Square
376 Steyr
40-60 Marlin
410 Shotshell 2-1/2'
444 Marlin
445 Super Mag
450 Marlin
45-70 Government
460 S&W Mag
6.5mm-06 A-Square
6.5mm-284 Norma
7x61mm Sharpe & Hart
7.5x55mm Swiss
7.62x54mm Rimmed Russian
7.7x58mm Japanese
7mm Weatherby Mag
8mm-06 Springfield
9.3x57mm Mauser

Cartridges are suspended in two position inner tray to prevent damage to tip from impacting bottom of box.