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My Wineroute - Estates, Wines, Maps - Mapstudio (BOOK)

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A brand new wine buyer's guide will be launched this month, a guide that classifies South Africa's top reds, whites, roses, bubblies, dessert wines and ports, unique in featuring those cellars with the best track records and pin-pointing the top wine routes on the basis of reviews by the world's top wine judges. From MapStudio, a leader as regards maps and travel publications both in print and online, My WineRoute cuts to the chase like no SA wine guide has done before. The book showcases the country's very best wine producers, with illustrated profiles including information about the owners and the winemakers, the farms' history, the wines that the cellars are most famous for as well as the business hours, wine tasting fees, contact information, where they are in the winelands, plus details of where to eat and where to stay at these leading cellars, in amongst the vines. What makes My WineRoute extra special are the detailed maps pin-pointing the location of every cellar, important landmarks and places of interest. The cartography spans all of the main wine regions, districts and wards and the maps are such that you can plan your trip according to whatever your preferences might be - scenic drives, routes according to certain wine types or varieties, day-trip itineraries including lunch venues or where to go when time is short. My WineRoute also includes recommendations in terms of the best restaurants, B&Bs, guesthouses and hotels, the markets and picnic spots, galleries and museums - those in the countryside, on the farms. Moreover, the guide's event calendar is useful should you want to plan a trip around one of the shows or festivals in the Cape Winelands.