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Good wing shooting requires proper technique. Too many shotgunners imagine that their success in the field, or lack of it, is a question of luck. Not true, says Bruce Bowlen. Good shooting depends as much on technique as it does on natural talent and instinct. Bad shots can become good ones, and good shots can become even better.In this concise and clearly written guide to the fundamentals of wing shooting, Bowlen covers the basic elements as well as the intricacies of proper wing shooting

The correct stance, timing and motion, equipment, and safety procedures are described in detail.In addition, there are chapters on Field Shooting versus Trap and Skeet, Lead and the Psychology of Wing Shooting, Gun Fit, and much more.The Orvis Wing-Shooting Handbook contains valuable information for both the novice who wants to learn to shoot and the experienced shotgunner who wants to improve. It is a tool as useful as the finest gun or the most loyal dog. (6 X 9, 96 pages, illustrations, diagrams)