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Foreword by Tony Dyer. His godmother was Isak Dinesen. He grew up with the likes of Percival, Blixen and Rundgren. Selby & Holmberg Safaris took out Robert Ruark. What else. Andrew Holmberg holds the record for the greatest number of 100-pound PLUS elephants

SIXTY THREE taken for family, friends and clients and that does not count many that were almost 100 pounds. Andrew Holmberg recognized the potential of the harsh Northern Frontier District of Kenya when foot safari blocks (no motorized vehicles allowed) were created. He worked hard and took light loads in because he was going to have heavy tusks and lots of other trophies to take out. His personal best on elephant: 141 pounds per side; his best buffalo - 58 inches! Andrew consistently pioneered hunting new areas where others followed later. Looking through his photos it is hard to comprehend that when these hunts took place, exceptional trophies were Holmberg's typical results. (Sam and Rose Pancotto took three 100-pound plus elephants on one safari!). No other individual has been given undisputed credit for so many number one accomplishments in the hunting area - by both clients and professionals like - as Andrew Holmberg.