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PELLET H&N FINALE MATCH 4.51MM / .177 7.56GR (500)

Availability: JHB:4+ PTA:4+ STB:4+ ER:4+

H&N is known for making the finest airgun ammo in the world. These high-quality wadcutter pellets are made for 10-meter matches and are really accurate in most air pistols. When shooing paper targets, wadcutters are required because they cut perfectly round holes, making it easier to score the targets. Get these even if you're not a 10m competitor... everyone likes accuracy, and these will deliver it. Caliber: .177 Grain: 7.56 Head Size: 4.51mm Quantity: 500 Count Nose: Wadcutter Use: Target Shooting

Caliber 0.177 cal
Ammo Type Pellets
Ammo Weight 7.56 gr
Pellet Shape Wadcutter
Pellet Quantity 500