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The Redding G-Rx Base Sizing Die meets the need of the reloader needing to reload brass shot through some of the most popular autoloaders today. These autoloaders, when fired, produce a bulge at the bottom of the brass, which normal sizing dies can not reach and remove, rendering the brass unusable. This bottle when coupled with the G-RX Sizing Die Bottle Adapter (Product # 789-703) makes collecting sized brass very easy. The bottle collects the sized brass after it completely passes through the G-RX sizing die allowing the reloader to collect the brass in one location speeding up the sizing process.

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Fits Redding G-RX base sizing dies
Function High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 32 oz Bottle
Material Steel
Notes By attaching this bottle to the bottle adapter reloaders do not have to pick each piece of brass from the die they can size brass until the bottle is full